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Mathematicians from Grades K-8
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Math looks different at every age as skills develop over time. Here's a sneak peak into what CJDS mathematicians in Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 8 have been up to this week:

Kindergarten students have been participating in various activities to figure out the concepts of more, less, and equal. This week, they worked in partners using dice and other manipulatives to determine how numbers indicate more, less, or equal. Afterward, they charted their findings.

Grade 1 students have been busy working with teen numbers. Through an exploration of double ten-frames, cubes arranged in towers of ten and single cubes, place value charts and math equations using a ten as one of the addends, students were able to figure out that a teen number is always a ten plus some ones. Using that information, they are now busy adding to and subtracting from double digit numbers. 

Grade 2 students explored clever ways to measure lengths by using a variety of tools like base-ten blocks, which come in the lengths of one and 10 centimeters. Students were excited to test their measurement knowledge with photos of different reptiles. 

Grade 8 students have been exploring how to solve linear inequalities and equations. In one unit this week they interpreted real-world scenarios, wrote a corresponding inequality to represent the given situation, solved, and then reasoned about what the solution means within the context of the situation. For instance, one question asked them to figure out how many pizzas need to be purchased in order for cafeteria-made pizzas to be cheaper for a school than buying ready-made pizzas.