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Grade 2 Students Participate in "One Word Project"
  • Lower School
  • Social Emotional Skills

This week, Grade 2 students enjoyed an activity through the "One Word Project," which is an engaging and reflective project to empower students with a positive mindset for 2024. Inspired by the book "One Word for Kids: A Great Way to Have Your Best Year Ever" by Jon Gordon, the project encourages students to explore key themes and values for personal growth.

As a grade, students and their teachers read and discussed the book, gaining insights into the concept of choosing a single, powerful word to guide their actions, decisions, and aspirations throughout the year. After the group discussion, students embarked on a self-discovery journey, reflecting on their own values, goals, and aspirations for 2024.

Once students identified their chosen word that encapsulates their personal vision for 2024, they each crafted a personalized bracelet or necklace, incorporating their chosen word into the design. This tangible reminder serves as a constant inspiration and daily affirmation of their commitment to living by that word. The project centers on individual responsibility and intentionality while also fostering a sense of community. Students shared and celebrated their chosen words with their peers. Through this activity, they not only internalized the lessons from the book but also actively integrated positive values into their daily lives, setting the stage for a fulfilling and meaningful year ahead.