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Grade 1 Students Tour the Art Institute in Connection to "Art Across Cultures" Unit
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  • Lower School

Grade 1 students had a wonderful and inspiring time at the Art Institute last week! As they wrapped up their social studies unit on places around the world, they visited the museum and took their "Art Across Cultures" tour. Students were able to see many different works of art from all different time periods and places. The docents played music, led students through mindfulness routines, and allowed them to make their own art inspired by the museum art!

They, of course, also took a detour to see the miniature room. What a special place that is!

We want to give a special shout-out to Art Teacher Rachel Treister. The teachers and parent chaperones were all so impressed with the childrens' knowledge of different pieces of art and artists due, in large part, to Rachel's extensive art education!